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ShowOff Ink Artistry-New Haven Tattoo St


All scheduled tattoos require a deposit. For larger tattoos requiring three hours or more, the deposit amount will be 30% of the cost. Tattoos estimated to take less than three hours, the client will be required to pay a minimum of $50.

IF you cancel, do not show up, or do not give a 48 hour notice to reschedule, your deposit will be forfeited.

A deposit will also be forfeited in full if:

  • You arrive more than 20 minutes late to a tattoo appointment and there was no call ahead of time.

  • You reschedule 3 or more times for any sessions of the same tattoo, regardless of notice.


  • Eat a good meal

  • Bring snacks or drinks, if you need

  • Wear comfortable clothing that allows us to access the area being tattooed

  • Bring ID*


***Note: If you haven’t been to the shop before, the space is small and we all have big personalities. So, we welcome and love for friends/family to come for moral support if needed, but we prefer you keep it to one person.

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