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Updated: Feb 27, 2019

Even three years after being on Spike TV’s Ink Master it’s pretty much still an everyday asked question of either: “How was it like being on the show?” “How tough was it?” “How real was it?” “Would you do it again?” “How were the judges?”. As "that girl that was on TV" lol its always a part of everyday life at this point. As repetitive as the curiosity is, it is still surreal to have people still thinking it was the closest thing to be on. And I mean it was cool, don’t get me wrong, but let’s be clear I’m not a Kardashian lol. But to answer, “would I do it again?” that would be a HELL YES!

I remember being in the car driving home and getting a phone call from an unfamiliar number, so like most people, I didn’t answer. At this point I make it home and go to listen to the voicemail from that missed call. Needless to say the message pretty much was a game changer. It was a producer asking me if I would be part of the next season as a part of the cast. I don’t think I even let the message play all the way through before calling the number back. I WAS ASKED TO BE ON ONE OF THE HOTTEST SHOWS ON TELEVISION! I was asked to fill the role of the hot girl with an attitude lol so I was like look no further I got you! As cocky as that sounded I was nervous as shit. Within a few minutes, I pretty much had to plan the next few months of my life. Had to tell NO ONE…. Completely top ALMOST FBI secret. It was so hard because naturally you want to let everyone you know: friends, family, especially the haters lol.

First day of shooting I got to meet my “competition” that later became another family. We had to get to know each other quickly but I remembered clicking right away with everyone. Christian Buckingham was the coolest OG in the group who was so dope to learn from. Megan Jean Morris was the only other chick in the house so that was my roomie and partner in the journey. Ant Mikes was the smooth dude who was always playing cool but wasn’t shy to really tell us he was nervous lol. Picasso was one of the most different people I’ve ever meant but by far the most creative and talented souls in the house. There were many more memories from those who added their flavor to the mix but those are just a few. I was just thankful to have been chosen to be a part of it. We as Ink Masters (at that time), were a part of an elite club. Less than 100 from across the country were asked to take part, that right here was pretty cool to say. I was part of a select few to be chosen and I still hold that pretty high till this day.

Was it tough? I mean when you mix competition, with lights and cameras, and being out of your comfort zone it’s going to be tough. Just like you see on TV we had limited time to tattoo. And as most of you know we were faced with tattooing sometimes with things we weren’t comfortable with. So, with that being said it was very real. We had to tattoo with the best of our ability, and it was the nature of the best, the strongest survives.

The judges were the judges. They were the real celebrities. Oliver Peck was super to himself and selective as to the artist he wanted to be cool with. Chris Nunez was the realest dude to be around when the cameras were off and was super down to earth. And last but not least everyone’s beloved Dave Navarro was the super star he’s lived up to be. From starting shooting late because of his hair and makeup, to wanting us to get through the day quickly for after filming plans. It is great to say I got to rub shoulders with them along with my crew.

So there you have it, hope that sheds light on what was a quick piece of my life but so drastically changed the course of things. Thankfully for the show, it put me on a great platform. With that platform, I’ve been able to meet amazing people, travel all over the country and expand my cliental. I didn’t win the 100 grand or make it till the end but that doesn’t lessen my success for even being part of history. History of American culture that I can always pull up and watch even when I’m 90 years old and can’t pick up my machines. For the next stages of my career, now that I’ve been able to cross tv personality of the list lol is shop owner. So I’ve used all these experiences to help me out in this next chapter. So know instead of being “that girl that was on tv” to “that girl who just opened the most beautiful shop in Connecticut!" #BAM

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1 Comment

Jan 31, 2019

I love your tattoo shop ..its so personal and warm..the moment you enter ..the vibe is so warm..and for a moment u forget why you are everything abt the shop from the art on walls to the meaningful and profound literature frame on the the talented tattoo artists.i was once apprehensive because of a bad experience. But showoff ink artistry took all my uneasineas away once i walked through the door ..i love my tattoos and am beyond grateful for this new place of heaven

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